Mums on the Go – Bilocated Feature!

Please check out Bilocated’s feature in Mums on the Go May newsletter (please check the link!). MOTG are a fantastic local website for local families, where you can:

– find out what’s on and where to go with the little ones,

– sign up for regular mum meets and events,

– buy and sell pre-loved baby items.

The website is run by the lovely Victoria Nicol, who will answer all your questions re membership and how to maximise the use of your card. Alex is a proud owner of one such card and uses it when out and about with her little one (for example, earlier in the week in the Jitterbugs cafe).

All the best for the Jubilee long weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic time, even if the weather is not agreeable.

Time flies!

Dear All,

Hope you’re having a fantastic time now the weather has changed for the better. As great as the rain is, I think we can all agree enough is enough.

At Bilocated, things have been busy. I have been very lucky to be recently concentrating on projects that I enjoy most. To name just a few: I have been researching properties in a local primary school catchment area, organised 2 birthday and one anniversary party and sourced a pony! Hope you’re working days are as exciting as mine. It’s a great privilege to do what you love most.

On that note, I wish you all a very sunny rest of the week, especially during the Bank Holiday weekend.


Time has passed incredibly quickly and when I finally got around to writing the October blog, November was in bloom. I have indeed been very busy and can proudly introduce Bilocated’s sister company Swift’n’Clean! The idea came about last year as a joint venture between Terence Witten from Ocean Complete Home Solutions and myself. Unfortunately, earlier this month Terence had to leave the company due to his other, very exciting work commitments but Swift’n’Clean is still going strong.

Our Cleaning Services include:
– domestic cleaning
– office cleaning
– end of tenancy cleaning
– carpet clean
-after party cleaning
– shirt ironing!

We are working on the shiny and new website but in the meantime you can book Swift’n’Clean services by contacting me on my email or my mobile.

Bye-bye Baby, Hello Work!

A warm welcome back to all of you! The last 9 months have been very exciting since my daughter decided to arrive on my birthday last year. I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. Now at the grand age of 9 months she has started going part-time to nursery, so while she loves all the attention she’s getting there I can fully focus on the business again. I must say that these days working is by no means hard work. It is much less exhausting than trying to entertain a small person who is constantly on the go!

Although I’ve always been good in organising other people’s my time, motherhood has made extra efficient! You know you  have to put to good use those quiet 20 minutes because they will be soon over. It is very much a game of “Now or Never” – I never knew I could do so many things in such a short period of time. There is no room for mistakes, because simply there is no time to do it all over again. Ha! Who would have thought that having a baby would lead to acquiring a set of transferable, work related skills.

I am looking forward to getting back in touch with those of you I haven’t seen in the last months. I have loads of new ideas of how to optimise your time so you can apply them even when I’m not there. Although you know I’m just a call away if you need help!